Our Story

Daneault Bags was founded by Penny Crook whose heritage is French influenced. She envisioned a line of luxurious bags that are timeless, vintage looking with incomparable quality. The story began with a lovely, unique, reversible embossed leather crossbody bag that Penny’s father gave to her mother in the 1950s. After her father passed in 2019, when her mother was cleaning out closets, they found the bag and it became Penny’s inspiration. A bag that was over 60 years old, enduring quality while being fashion forward. Most importantly, the bag reminded Penny of the everlasting love that her parents shared for 66 years. Their love was real and it lasted a lifetime. Their love is the foundation of the Daneault Brand.

Our company’s philosophy is to create beautiful vintage looking bags with superior quality and unmatched versatility. Vegetable Tanned Leather is made using a special process that harnesses the power of natural tannins which are found in organic materials. The products we use are chemical free.

Our brand is all about family and love. Our company is proud to announce that we will be giving a percentage of all proceeds back to non-profit organizations that support Adoption. My husband and I adopted our son, Zachary Crook, when he was 6 weeks old and couldn't see our lives without him so this matter is close to our hearts. Every-time we sell a bag, we are helping others make their dreams of being a family come true.